A unique product that combines vintage charm with the typical quality and excellence of the Momo brand.

Momo Heritage 6 has been specially designed to meet the needs of classic car owners.

With a size of 8.0×18, this wheel offers the ideal option for those who wish to add a special touch to the aesthetics of their cars, without compromising the original styling, because we know how important it is for classic car enthusiasts to preserve the integrity and value of their vehicles.

The design of the Momo Heritage 6 is inspired by our racing wheels of the past: the matt black painting gives it an elegant and sophisticated look, which fits perfectly with different types of sports cars.

In addition to a highly original design, the Momo Heritage 6 offers outstanding performance. Made with high-quality finishes and materials, this wheel guarantees strength and durability.

Are you ready for a unique driving experience that combines past and present? The Momo Heritage 6 is here to accompany you on every journey, transforming your classic car into an authentic work of art on wheels.